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My 21st & The Gifts I Got

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It was my 21st birthday two weeks ago and I can't believe I'm actually 21! Anyway enough of that, I had the best few days and I am so grateful for my family, friends and boyfriend as I was completely spoilt! I really wasn't expecting any of these gifts and I'm not bragging in any way, I just love reading these posts so I thought I'd do one too.

My birthday was on Thursday, so my friends, boyfriend and I all went out on the Wednesday evening after going to Pizza Express, evening which was great fun. Our hangover breakfast of choice Thursday morning was pancakes with bacon and maple syrup from Stakk's Pancake House which was just what we needed.
I also then went home on Friday to see my family and I was welcomed by 21 banners on the front door, balloons and more banners in the house! It was so lovely to see my Mum and Dad and we went out for a delicious meal on Saturday and I've been craving that lunch ever since haha!

So, onto what I got - once again, not bragging just sharing! I am really grateful for all my gifts and how spoilt I was as I truly wasn't expecting it. 

21st birthday presents, pandora bracelet, pandora charms,
I was so lucky to receive 3 Pandora charms this year, the cat charm was from my lovely friends and girls I live with at uni, they know me so well! The charms to the right of the cat were from my parents, the pig because I was born in the year of the pig and the amethyst stone because, well it's my birth stone! 

pandora rings, 21st birthday presents,
I was also spoilt again by my parents with these two beautiful Pandora rings. I chose them both myself, and I really wasn't expecting my parents to be so generous, but I'm so grateful. I love these rings so much, and they really are something I'll treasure forever.

21st birthday presents, olivia burton, olivia burton watch, rose gold
My amazing boyfriend surprised me with this beautiful rose gold Olivia Burton watch. I've never really worn watches before (not since my Mr Men one I had as a child) and he said he was a little apprehensive as to whether I'd like it, well I love it. I've worn it everyday since I got it and I'm in love with it. He also gifted me a wall print that says 'You know more than you think you do' which is sat on my desk to motivate me. I was also spoilt by him buying me the UD Naked 2 palette - my first ever Naked palette and it's gorgeous!
On top of all of these gifts, he also spoilt me even more by saying we can go for a trip together anywhere in Europe and I get to choose, I was so shocked I almost cried!

21st birthday presents,
Whilst we're still on the topic of jewellery, I also got these really sweet bangles from my parents which have little motivational sayings on them. 

21st birthday presents, soap and glory giftbox,
My parents also surprised me once again with the S&G huge gift box from Christmas! My Mum had been saving it for my birthday and now I have even more products to add to my ever growing S&G collection!

I was also given other presents, including a box of all my favourite things from my best friend at uni, a happiness box from one of my best friends from home, makeup and a Moonpig card from another best friend, and many more gifts too! 

Have you had your birthday yet this year?!

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