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Decorate Your Uni Room With Free Photo Prints | University Guide

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As you can see I get my photos printed out quite regularly but always forget to put them into photo albums, oops.

A massive congratulations to everyone who got into university this year, I hope you're all really excited! I have a University Guide series I'm doing which I will be posting over the next few weeks so if you have any specific questions or topics you want me to address, just let me know!

Anyway, today I'm talking about one way of decorating your new room. Most universities don't allow you to use blue tack on the walls, but I used white tack last year and had no issues.. If your uni is really strict and won't allow anything on the walls you could always put these photos up on a pin board!

Last year I had photos all over one of my walls and it made my room feel so much more like home, the best part was I got free photo prints. 

I chose to get mine from Photobox which is a company I love. I paid £2.99 for delivery and I had 50 free prints. Also if you refer a friend to join up and they use their free prints you also get 50 free prints for referring them so it's a win win situation for you and your friends!

Snapfish also offer 40 free prints if you sign up and you only pay £1.99 for postage. I've also used Snapfish in the past and they're a good company too.

Jessops Photo is new to me, but if you register you will be sent a voucher code for 100 free photo prints. You read that right 100 free photo prints! You also pay postage which is £2.25. I'm about to place my order using my 100 free prints so when they arrive I'll update you all on how the photos are!

There are a few websites you can get free photo prints from and there's nothing stopping you from signing up to each website and claiming your free prints from all of them!

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