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How To | Fix A Tunneling Candle

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In my recent post about revision I mentioned I was burning a new candle I had forgotten about (Sun & Sand by Yankee Candle) and unfortunately in between revising and revision breaks I wasn't paying much attention to how my candle was burning and it started to tunnel. This meant I wasn't going to get the most out of my candle, however I soon fixed it using one simple household product - tin foil!

As you can see here, my candle wasn't in a good state before I decided to fix it.

It's really simple to do, and it works well!

  1. Cut one strip of tin foil. It doesn't need to be neat or fancy just some tin foil from your cupboard.
  2. Fold it in half and then half again if you're doing this on a sampler size candle like I am, or if you're doing this to a jar you may only need to fold it once.
  3. Then wrap it around the outside of the candle jar/candle holder tightly
  4. Finally, fold the top of the tin foil over the top of the candle jar/candle holder so it stays put

In the end your candle may look a little something like this. It doesn't look as pretty as it did originally, however this will save your candle and restore it to how it should be burning.

After a couple of hours my candle was almost perfect again, apart from one little bit of wax on the side, but it's a complete transformation compared to how it looked before.

This is the final result. I started burning it again, and it burnt well.

Using tin foil is such an easy way to fix tunneling candles, and I will admit I was skeptical beforehand but I'm glad I did it!

What's your favourite candle?

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