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30 Day Snap #26 | Fudge Kitchen In Cambridge

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I decided to take part in the 30 Day Snap which Louise (Sprinkleofglitter) came up with and she invited all of her readers to join in, so I'm going to try and do it and stick to it.

Day #26Fudge Kitchen In Cambridge

I am now a little behind on the 30 Day Snap because I was in Cambridge for two days, but I took photos whilst I was there (918 to be precise - is it obvious I like taking photos of everything?!). 

Whilst I was there I went to the Fudge Kitchen which sells the most amazing fudge I have ever tasted, honestly! You can watch the fudge being made if you arrive at the right time, and whilst you're waiting in the queue you have the chance to try some fudge samples - perfect! All of the staff are lovely, every time I've been to the Fudge Kitchen they have been so friendly and it makes you want to return. My family and I ended up getting a box of fudge to bring back and I can't wait to have some. If you'd like to try some of the Fudge Kitchen fudge but you don't live near Cambridge and won't have a chance to visit soon, you can also build a box online and have it posted to you, which is perfect. They also have a Facebook page in case you're interested! 

Have you ever visited the Fudge Kitchen?

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  1. Oooh this seems really yummy!