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30 Day Snap #1, #2 and #3!

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I'm a bit late at starting this due to exams and revision (which I still haven't finished) and I thought I'd try and catch up and then carry on doing it day by day from now on! I love taking photos so when I saw Louise from Sprinkleofglitter had started the 30 Day Snap I was excited to join in too. She tagged every one of her readers, so I'm going to take part!

So here are my days 1, 2 and 3 all in one post!

Day #1 | Cambridge

I visited Cambridge University (I'm not smart enough to go there, but Cambridge is beautiful) on Saturday and it's just so beautiful.

Day #2 | Frozen (or not so frozen now) fruit

I'm attempting (attempting being the key word!) to eat healthier since summer is almost here and I'm going on holiday with my friends so I want to sort my body out before I go! I usually snack on unhealthy food during revision so I'm trying to change that.

Day #3 | Sleepy Smokey

I have a feeling a lot of my photos will end up being of my baby (aka my kitten Smokey). I walked into the bathroom and he was asleep on the shower mat. He's adorable (I think anyway!)

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