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Inspiring Quotes #4

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I love finding quotes that stand out to me, and I also like sharing them with you all. So what better time than a Monday morning when I'm sure most people are sad the weekends over. Here are my favourite inspirational quotes at the moment!

"Love yourself with the same love that you search for" - Justina Butkovic

"Everybody has a chapter they don't read outloud" - Unknown

"Spend your free time the way you like, not the way you think you're supported to" - Susan Cain

"If they cannot understand the wildness inside you, they will try to tame it and cage it. Find someone who appreciates the beauty of wild things like you" - Nikita Gill

"You deserve to be loved consistently, not conditionally; with someone’s whole heart, not just the remaining pieces of it" - Unknown

Do you like any of the quotes above?

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