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Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch & Shape | Review

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I've used the same brow products for years, Elf Studio Brow Kit. However, the other week I wanted to try something new and I'm talking about the Makeup Revolution Ultra Shape Arch & Brow. 

To begin with, this is a double ended product so as you can see one end is a felt tip and the other is a pencil. I picked up the shade 'medium', but it took me a few trips to different Superdrug stores to find medium. I hadn't tried a felt tip for my eyebrows before so I was really intrigued and I wasn't sure if I liked it first, but now I really do.

I love the felt tip for filling in my brows on lazy days or the days I wear more natural makeup. It's not the most pigmented product I have to say, and it tends to dry out a little unless you store it upside down, but that doesn't bother me too much. I use little flicks to try and make it look like natural hairs in my brows and find it works really well for me.

The pencil side is the one I'll reach for on a night out or when I'm making more of an effort and I'm really quite impressed. It's really pigmented, but you do have to be careful when applying it that you don't use too much pressure or you'll suddenly have really thick and dark brows very quickly. 

Top - Pencil // Bottom - Felt Tip

I find it really easy to use and definitely a bargain buy. The only downside as I previously mentioned would be that the felt tip side appears to dry out quite quickly unless you store it upside down but for the price of the product I can deal with it for sure!

What's your favourite brow product?

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