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Marsille Photo Diary

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A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I spent a week in Marseille and I wanted to share some photos from the trip with you all. Marseille was beautiful and I had a wonderful time there, the weather was great (averaging around 21 degrees everyday), there was plenty to do and the city itself was beautiful.

We stayed in an Airbnb that was only about a 5 minute walk away from the port and every morning there was a fresh fish market. At the port there was also a ferris wheel and we did lan to go on it but I chickened out in the end!

We had one night that turned into a lot of drinking, followed by a horrendous hangover and didn't leave the apartment until the afternoon. That day we decided to go for a walk and saw some beautiful sites, as expected.

We also went on a 3hour 15 minute boat trip to La Calanques. The sites were beautiful, but I am travel sick, sea sick, train sick every kind of travel sick you can imagine so about 10 minutes into the boat trip I was having a mini meltdown and wanted to get off. I felt so poorly and didn't want to be on the boat for another 3 hours, but I obviously had to deal with it! I took about 3 photos on that boat trip and the rest are curtesy of my lovely boyfriend who knew I'd want lots of photos but I wasn't feeling up to it. About an hour into the trip the sickness started to settle down and I was enjoying the sites a little more! 

The next day we decided to walk to La Calanques and I've planned a separate post on that, but let me tell you - it was tough! It was also so worth it though.

I hope you enjoyed my photos from Marseille. It was a wonderful city, but you do have to be a little cautious as it can be quite dangerous but that's the same as any city. I felt comfortable there, and I thoroughly enjoyed my week there. There was plenty to do and I also popped into a NYX store and picked up a few lipsticks which was a bonus.

Have you ever been to Marseille?

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