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Huge Makeup Haul & Mini Reviews

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Around the time I was finishing my dissertation, I need motivation to continue and that motivation was makeup. Usually I'd say yes to a bottle of wine but as I actually had to write my dissertation I didn't fancy a hangover the next day, so instead I spent my money on makeup. And here it is, a rather large makeup haul that has been collected over the past few weeks! I will also add, the Max Factor products were in a little gift-set so I technically didn't buy them as my Mum gifted them to me, but I'm including them anyway.

The first and most exciting items I'm sharing with you are these Real Technique dupes from eBay. I remember seeing these floating around blogs/YouTube a little while ago but only bought them about a month ago. I have a full review of these on the way, but so far I'm very impressed and so glad I bought them.
I will also add, the seller I bought them from is no longer listing them so I've linked a similarly priced seller instead.

Barry M Mani Mask - £3.99 // Max Factor Glossfinity '72 Pink'ed' £5.99 // Kiko 317 - £3.90 // Kiko 389 - £3.90 

Recently I've been on a nail polish spree, I tend to do this with certain products, not long ago it was primers and now it appears to be nail polish. I am absolutely loving Kiko's 317 Dark Antique Pink nail polish it's gorgeous and perfect for Spring/Summer. 

Max Factor False Lash Effect 'Black Brown' £10.99 // Essence 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen - £2.50 // Makeup Revolution Arch & Shape 'Medium' - £3.50 

From top to bottom
Max Factor Stardust Pink // Kiko Almond // Essence Cool Nude 

Primark Lip Liners Dark Pink - £1 each // Primark Beauty Sponges - £1.50 

I have written a whole post about these Primark Lip Liner's here and I love them. I honestly reach for this particular shade everyday, and sometimes I wear it with nothing else on my lips and it's great. 

Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body Spray - 75p

Finally, to finish my haul I picked up this body spray as it was in the clearance section and only 75p I couldn't resist! I love it for using whilst I'm out and about and just freshening up. 

So there we have it, the items I've bought recently and I have reviews planned for some of these products already but if there's anything you'd like to see reviewed in particular please do let me know. Since photographing all of these products, I also went to France for a week with my boyfriend and I picked up a few NYX items so I'll have another haul for those in the future!

Is there anything in this post you want to try for yourself, or you already own yourself?

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