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5 Things To Do This Summer

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With Summer just around the corner (or at least I hope so, please let us have some sun in the UK!) I thought I'd compile a list of 5 things to do this Summer.

1 | Have a picnic with loved ones
Whether this be in your back garden or in a local National Trust garden, picnics and Summer go hand in hand. I'd say just remember a blanket as no one wants to be sat on scratchy grass all afternoon!

2 | Catch up with old friends
Losing contact with friends is tough, but Summer is the perfect time to catch up. Although it's my final year at uni, some of my friends aren't graduating this year (lucky gals, and I'm jealous!) so I know they'll be home around Summer and it's the perfect time for a catch up and doesn't require a 6 hour train journey and £75+ on the tickets (seriously, why can we not all go to the same uni?!).

3 | Make time for your hobbies
I personally love photography, but whilst I'm at uni I don't take many photos. Okay, that's not true - I do take loads of photos but they're all on my phone and not on my 'real' camera. I love being home and using my DSLR and taking photos that I'm proud of.

4 | Visit local attractions
This may seem like an obvious ones, but usually we're so busy with our lives that we don't get to explore where we live. For me, I love visiting little cafes, National Trust Gardens, and going for walks in the countryside. If you have a look on Trip Advisor or even just Google attractions near you, I'm sure you'll find somewhere you've not been and will be pleasantly surprised.

5 | Go on a road trip
This one is contradictory to the last suggestion, but going on a road trip for the weekend can also be really fun. Even if you just go somewhere for a day trip, pick a city that you'd love to go to, grab your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/loved ones and bring them along with you. Then you can explore a new city together and I'm sure you'll have a great time. 

Have you got any plans for this summer?

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