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Primark's P.S. Lip Liners | Review

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P.S. Lip Liner - £1 each 

A few months ago I ventured into the world of Primark beauty for the first time in years. I remember a good few years ago they used to have a range of beauty products but they were pretty awful, however now they've really improved. I've previously written a review on the Brush Cleanser which you can read here, but it's safe to say I'm really enjoying the products from the P.S. range that I've tried.

The lip liners don't have any names or shades (at least I can't find any) so that's the only downside I really have to them as it's a little annoying. They're a bargain at £1 each and in my local Primark there's about 6 different shades. 

The liners aren't too drying, and they have good lasting power too which in all honesty, shocked me considering the price. The two shades I have are nude shades and I sometimes wear them alone, or sometimes I apply a lipstick as well and I love the results either way.

Overall I'm really impressed with these liners and I recommend you check them out when you're next in Primark because I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Have you ever tried any of Primark's beauty range?

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