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Inspiring Quotes #3

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I haven't written one of these inspiring quotes posts for quite some time (you can read my last one here) so I thought it was about time I did another and hopefully these will brighten your Monday morning a little.

"People need to be encouraged. People need to be reminded of how wonderful they are. People need to be believed in—told that they are brave and smart and capable of accomplishing all the dreams they dream and more. Remind each other of this." Stacey Jean Speer

"Become friends with people who aren’t your age. Hang out with people whose first language isn’t the same as yours. Get to know someone who doesn’t come from your social class. This is how you see the world. This is how you grow." - Unknown

"Have the courage to be exactly who you are without apology." - Unknown

"Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s okay. You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand." - Banksy

"Wing your eyeliner. Paint your nails black. Chin up. You got this. You fucking own this." - Unknown

I think the last quote is my favourite and I always think of it when I'm feeling down! I hope you've enjoyed reading these.

Do you have a favourite quote?

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