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My Favourite Eyebrow Kit | ELF Studio Brow Kit Review

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ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit in Light - £3.75

I rarely leave the house without my brows done as I think they frame your face. I've tried many brow products in the past and so far this is the best kit I've found, and it's a bargain. It has both a wax and powder product in the little kit and it comes with a double ended brush, however I use a brow brush from Next. 

This little kit also has a little mirror which is perfect for touchups. I've repurchased this kit about 4 times now and I also have a backup in my collection as I swear by it. I honestly can't find a better brow kit that competes with ELF's quality and price. Although I sometimes find ELF can be hit and miss I've never had a problem with this kit and I recommend it to everyone. I have the shade light which I find is still quite dark so probably wouldn't work for blondes.

Overall, I swear by this product and I would recommend picking it up if you can.

What's your go to brow product? I'd love to know!

Edit - I scheduled this post a couple of weeks ago, and since I have found out that ELF is no longer shipping to the UK so sadly if you're in the UK it may be difficult to get your hands on it. However, if you're in the U.S. I know they stock this in some stores.

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