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How To Deep Clean Your Make Up Brushes | Updated

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I've previously done a couple of posts on how I clean my make up brushes, but I've changed things up a little bit so I thought an updated post was due. I find cleaning my brushes a chore and I cannot be the only one who thinks this?! Despite not liking it, I still do it weekly to ensure my brushes aren't clogged with old make up and dirt from my skin.

Baby Shampoo // Olive Oil // Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove Dupe (optional)

Step 1 | 
First of all I'll place a small amount of olive oil into a bowl and swirl my brush around. Then with the bristles pointing downwards I'll run a little bit of water onto the bristles and with my finger tips gently  squeeze the oil out. This part makes you realise how much make up is sitting in your brushes!

Step 2 |
Next I'll add a pea sized amount of baby shampoo onto my brush cleaning glove (or you can use your hand which works really well too) and swirl the brush around and occasionally rinse the dirty shampoo off and repeat this step. Once again with the bristles facing downwards I'll run some water over the bristles and gently rinse the shampoo out of the brush. If my brush is really dirty (usually foundation brushes) I'll repeat this whole step again to make sure my brush is super clean.

Step 3 | 
Once I've rinsed all of the shampoo off my brush I'll lay my brush down onto a clean towel and leave them to dry overnight.

I find these steps so easy and also the most effective for cleaning my brushes and they come out looking all pretty and brand new again!

Top tips for cleaning brushes:

  • Avoid getting water in the feral of the brush as this can breakdown the glue and cause your make up brushes to fall apart.
  • Use a gentle shampoo such as baby shampoo.
  • Dry them flat to again, avoid getting water in the feral of the brush.
  • Using olive oil is an extra step, but it breaks down the make up better and leaves my brushes looking cleaner than ever too!

Do you use a similar method to clean your brushes?

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