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My Favourite Beauty Blogs | June 2014

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I thought today I'd share my favourite blogs with you since I love reading blogs like this from other bloggers and finding new reads! Just to clarify, these are in no particular order!

Water Painted Dreams // Hayley
Hayley's blog has a real variety of posts and she doesn't just stick to beauty, which I love. There's definitely a post that everyone will enjoy reading on Hayley's blog.

Affordable Treats // Louise
I found Louise's blog through one of her stationery hauls before I went to uni and I was trying to find cute stationery to buy and the quality of her posts and photos has kept me reading for this past year!

Essie Button // Essie
I'm sure all of you have either seen Essie's youtube or blog, but I love it. The layout, the content, the photos, everything! I check it regularly and I love all of her posts.

Sailor Jennie // Jennie
I just adore Jennie's blog, and she's a lovely person too. Although we've only ever spoken through comments, she is really supportive of my blog and she always replies to comments on her blog too which I really like. Her photos are beautiful and her posts are well thought out, her blog is a firm favourite.

Behind These Closed Eyes // Kirsty
I was drawn into Kirsty's blog by her amazing photos, which are so clear and aesthetically pleasing. I also love her reviews as they're always so honest and helpful.

Searching For Tomorrow // Kitty & Nathan
Last but not least is Kitty and Nathan's blog which leaves me speechless every time. The photos are absolutely phenominal and I urge you to check it out and admire the photos.

All of these blogs are lovely and I really encourage you to check them out and have a read! These are by no means the only blogs I read, however these are the ones I check most regularly at the moment!

What are your favourite reads?

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