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Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara | Review

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The other day my Mum came home from shopping and bought me a little gift, which was extremely kind of her. It was the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara in Black. It retails for £6.99 but is currently on offer in Boots for £4.99 as an introductory price. 

The brush is an hourglass shape, which is interesting because I don't think I have another mascara with the same wand shape. I'm not too fussy about mascaras because my eyelashes are a fairly good length and I'll happily use almost any mascara. 

No eye make up at all.

One coat of Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara on my top lashes.

As you can see from just one coat, there is a huge difference in length and volume. I am so impressed with this mascara, especially as I've never tried Max Factor mascaras before. Although in the photo I've not applied any mascara to my bottom lashes, my eyes still look a lot brighter and more open with the mascara applied on the top lashes. Max Factor claims that it gives up to 3x more volume compared to bare lashes, and looking at my comparison photos I think I would agree with this claim. 
It doesn't clump my lashes and it doesn't crumble off throughout the day so overall I am so glad I have this mascara, and I know I'll definitely re-purchase it when I need a new mascara. 

Have you tried this mascara? Or any other Max Factor mascaras?

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  1. That is gorgeous, its made your lashes look lovely. I'd definitely like to try this :) xxxfrecklesandflawsbeautyblog

  2. i will definitely be trying this! its amazing on your lashes.. and only one coat too ^_^

    from Brigitte at // BlogLovin' | BreezeyBee Blog

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  3. I bought this last week and I like the result. The only thing I don't really like is the wand, I feel more comfortable using a normal wand.