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FOTD #5 | Simple Summer Make Up (5 Products)

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I think we all have those days where simple make up is all we feel like and for me, today was one of those days.

| 1) ELF Mineral Foundation ~ Porcelain | £5
I recently purchased this as my first mineral foundation and I've been trying it out today. So far I'm really liking it, but I'm going to keep using it for a little longer before I do a full review.

| 2) The Body Shop Eyeshadow ~ #4 | £7
I bought this eyeshadow a few weeks ago when The Body Shop had 50% off and I'm so glad I now have it. It's the perfect colour for me, and it's matte which I like on some days when I just want quick and easy make up. It doesn't crease and I've worn it without a primer today and I've still had no creasing so I'm impressed.

| 3) Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara ~ Black | £6.99 (currently £4.99 as an introductory price)
I've already done a full review of this mascara here and I absolutely love it. It has an hourglass shape wand, which isn't the normal wand you'd expect from a mascara, but I really like it. It doesn't clump my lashes and it doesn't flake off during the day.

| 4) FashionistA Eyebrow Kit | £7 (currently on offer for £3.50!)
For a year or so I stuck to my ELF Eyebrow Kit but I decided it was time to try something new and I love this palette. I will be doing a review in the next couple of weeks so look out for that, but overall I'm really loving this palette for my brows and I definitely recommend it.

| 5) Sleek Contour Kit ~ Light | £6.49
I've had my contour kit for a while now and I always go back to it to if I fancy a change from my Bourjois 'Chocolate' Bronzer. The contour powder in this kit is perfect for me because it doesn't look muddy and that's something I sometimes have an issue with, since I am so pale. The highlighter in the kit is also lovely, but however I gave that a miss and just wanted to add a little bit of colour to my face.

What are your staple beauty items for a simple make up look?

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  1. I don't know what I'm doing that I still haven't picked up one of these Sleek kits! They look so lovely. I've just started following your lovely blog. xx


  2. I always use the elf eyebrow kit, definitely want to try the fashionista one now! :) great post :) xxx