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Essence Say NO To Dark Circles | Review

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I, like many other people, want to cover my dark circles under my eyes and so I was keen to try Essence's Say NO To Dark Circles Crayon which I mentioned in my huge beauty haul the other week. I picked this crayon up after watching RachhLoves' video on YouTube and so I was really keen to try it.

I haven't used a corrector in crayon form before but I had high hopes after Rachel comparing it to higher end correctors. It's in a twist up crayon which makes it really easy to use and the crayon itself is quite small to perfect for handbag size. But I do think it will last for a while as you don't need to use huge amounts for each application.

The crayon itself does correct the darkness under my eyes well, but it can be a little drying so I wouldn't recommend this if you have a particularly dry skin type. I'd say you definitely need to moisturise and prime before applying this as otherwise it can be a little difficult to blend. I've also tried applying this on top of my foundation, but it doesn't work as well that way and can become a little cakey.

Overall, I do really like this crayon and I will be using it up, but I'll still try other dark circle correctors in the drugstore if I come across any - mainly because I'm curious! If you're looking for a budget product to conceal your dark circles under your eyes I'd say you give this a try!

Have you ever tried any dark circle correctors?

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