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Uni Room Decor | Wishlist

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I start my final year at uni in a couple of months and I'm both excited and terrified, I want to keep being a student forever! I've decided since it'll be my last year in a student house I want to make my room really cute and cosy. I've been browsing online for quite some time for a few things I want to buy for my room and I thought I'd share them with you.

Love Decoration £3 // H&M Cushion £6.99 // Storage Drawers £12
Mug £2 // Coffee Pods £5.49

I will just say that the storage drawers do in fact include 4 drawers but I couldn't fit them all in the photo. I was planning to use these for more makeup storage as the storage provided is student accommodation is limited. 

Are you off to uni this year? If so is there anything you're lusting after in particular? Or do you just love browsing home decor like me?

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