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March Goals

By 08:30

I've set myself a few goals for this month and it's going to be quite a busy one so I thought I'd share them with you.

1 | Complete 85% of my dissertation
Well this is my main goal and focus for this month, as my deadline for my dissertation is looming (20th April) I really need to get a move on. The difficulty is, because I'm conducting primary research it's taken me a long time to gain ethical approval, let alone recruit participants and analyse the data. Oh Psychology, you joy.

2 | Budget, Budget, Budget!
I'm a student, and most of the time I'm pretty okay with my money. However, from yesterday onwards I'm living off £1.40 a day until mid April which also means I'm on the biggest spending ban of my life!! What have I even spent it on?!

3 | Less procrastinating
This basically links to my first goal, however even with my dissertation looming I've been procrastinating too much recently and it needs to stop! It basically means I need to log off Netflix, probably cancel my subscription and avoid the internet until May but that's not likely to happen!

I hope you enjoyed reading my goals for March. Do you have any goals for this month?

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