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Oh, Dissertation Stress

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My posts have been few and far between recently, and although I doubt many people have noticed I'm just writing a little post to let you all know why. As I'm sure you can guess from the title, it's about my dissertation. 

My dissertation is due in less than a month, and even writing that fills me with anxiety. I've written about 100/10,000 words so the pressure is on. The struggle with my course is that because I do Psychology, I have to conduct an experiment and analyse my results before I can even consider writing it up. Now, if anyone is familiar with Psychology you may also be familiar with the dreaded SPSS - it's basically ruining my life (slightly overdramatic there aha!) but it's a horrible programme and I don't get on with it. Instead of my Easter break being filled with catching up with friends over a bottle of wine, I'm on my laptop working through pages of statistics and pulling my hair out.

This then leaves me little time for myself, I mean I haven't even painted my nails in about a week and that never happens! I cannot wait until I can hand it in and be free! I also had a presentation on Monday, a deadline on Wednesday and I haven't even had time to catch up properly with my family yet. 

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I'm trying to find time to blog but it's few and far between so I apologise for the sporadic posts for the next few weeks. However, when I've handed in my dreaded dissertation, normal blogging will resume and the posts will be back!

If you have any advice for my dissertation please do let me know as I'm struggling with motivation at the moment!

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