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Bank Holiday Weekend In Photos | Easter Weekend

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In the UK we've had a 4 day weekend, and it's been so nice to have some time off to spend with my friends, family and boyfriend. Although I should have been writing my dissertation, but it's been nice to have a few days off to relax.
On Friday my boyfriend and I went to visit a local farm and it was a really lovely morning. We even got to feed to goats which was fun, and petting all the animals was great. 

We then popped into a restaurant called Nonna's and had the most delicious lunch, and there's a photo of my starter above on the left. I had an Easter lunch with my family earlier on today and it was delicious, my Dad's cooking is top notch and I really miss it when I'm at uni. I also can't complain if I'm getting pigs in blankets in March!!

My boyfriend and I also popped to a local garden centre as something to do on Saturday, and had a coffee and they even gave us a mini egg with our drinks which was a cute touch. On Friday we also had our first BBQ of the year (whilst the weather was holding up in England) and it was so nice to feel summery. I loved it, and the sun being out was a perfect addition to our Easter weekend.

What have you done this weekend? I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter!

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