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I'm 21 This Week!!

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In a two days I'll be turning 21, on Thursday to be exact. It's quite an odd feeling, I'll technically be a 'real' adult (even though that was also meant to happen when I turned 18) and I don't feel like I'm ready at all.

I don't really know where this post is going but in my head I'm sort of just screaming that I can't believe in almost 21?! Haha! I remember being in school and thinking 21 year olds had their lives together and were organised, knew what they were doing with themselves etc where as half the time I can't find a pair of socks to wear!! 

I'm going out with my friends and boyfriend the night before my birthday and then going to an indoor trampoline centre on my actual birthday which I'm looking forward to. I'm also going home this weekend so I can see my family (and cats) and go for a meal which will be lovely!

Any advice for me turning 21?! (Haha, what an odd question to leave my post on). 

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