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My Favourite iPhone Photography Apps

By 09:30

As much as I love using my DSLR, but sometimes it's not always practical to carry around a big bulky camera with me and all I have is my iPhone, so for those occasions I have a few apps I swear by. 

Afterlight | 79p 
I use this app for editing all of my photos, and it is well worth the 79p! I use this to brighten my photos, add filters, fix the contrast and so on. The app is super easy to use and I don't think I've edited my photos on anything else for well over a year now.

Whitagram | Free 
I also use Whitagram for all of my Instagram photos as I personally think they look better on my profile and there's no need for cropping out half of a landscape photo so you can add it to Instagram.

Snapfish | Free
I love this app because when you download it you're given 50 free prints a month for 12 months, and all you have to pay for is postage (£2.99). It's quite easy to use, although I find sometimes it does crash when I'm trying to upload photos but it's still a great app.

Fotor | Free
I've actually only downloaded this app in the past 6-8 months, however I've used the desktop version (here) for around 5 years and I love it. On my phone I mainly use it when I want to create a pre-set collage, for example the ones I've used here. I use the desktop version for creating my wishlists! 

What apps do you use for photography on your phone?

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