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Happy New Year! | Realistic Goals

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Happy New Year! I hope you've had a lovely start to 2015 so far. I'm currently feeling a little fragile after last night but my best friend woke me up with a bacon sandwich and coffee so I can't complain! I've been thinking about 2014 and in all honesty, the majority of the year wasn't too bad but the last month of the year hasn't been great so I'm glad it's come to an end.

I've been thinking of a few goals for 2015, now I'm not going to do the whole 'new year, new me!!!' situation but I'm setting myself some realistic goals.

1. Believe in myself more
I doubt myself a lot and I really need to stop doing this as nothing good comes from it. This won't be the easiest thing to do but I'm going to try and be more positive.

2. Stop comparing myself to others
Once again, not an easy one and I think a lot of us are guilty of this. I'm my own person and I need to stop comparing myself to other people.

3. Try and be more healthy
Okay this one seems kind of cliche but as a student I feel it's more 'acceptable' for me to get take aways a few times a week and no one will judge me. However, I need to stop doing this so I can save money and also look after my body. Alongside this I'm going to try and learn to cook (yep, I am almost 20 and not very capable of cooking oops!). 

Do you have any goals you want to achieve in 2015?

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