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I'd Love To Travel | Top 5 Destinations

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I was reading Hayley's blog which I do regularly and if you don't follow her already I strongly suggest you go and do so now! Hayley's new post 50 Fail Safe Blog Post Ideas is one of my favourite blog posts I've read in a long time and I've taken inspiration from this. One of Hayley's suggestions was to do a post on where you'd love to travel to, so that's what I'm blogging about today.

I don't travel a lot, in fact I've only ever been on a plane once in my life and I was a huge panicking mess and it was not a pretty sight for anyone! Me and travelling don't get on well, considering I have quite bad travel sickness and sometimes a 20 minute car journey makes me feel ill, but putting all that aside I would love to travel.

1| Cornwall
I know Cornwall is a place where most people in the UK visit or have visited, but I've never been and it looks so beautiful. It's about a 4 hour drive away from me and hopefully when I can drive I'll have a road trip down there.

2| Yosemite National Park, California
I wasn't aware somewhere as beautiful as this existed until I read Hayley's post but after seeing it, I googled Yosemite National Park and wow. It's one of those places that would be absolutely breathtaking when you were there. 

3| Dublin, Ireland
I have a lot of family in Ireland, but I still haven't managed to visit yet which is quite sad. However, I've been told by my parents and brother how beautiful Ireland is and I'd love to go and visit one day and I'd get to see family too!

4| New York
This is so cliché, but I would love to travel to New York and especially go to Central Park. I don't think I need much explanation for this, it's New York after all!

5| Sydney, Australia
I also have family in Australia so I'd obviously visit them for a considerable time if I ever went, but even before they moved there I'd wanted to visit Australia. It's just a shame it's a 24 hour long flight and it's not cheap! Maybe one day though, we'll see!

Where would you love to visit?

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  1. nice!
    I've been o cornwall! it was awesome!


  2. Thank you for linking back to my post, we can organise a bloggers trip to Yosemite ;)

    1. No problem lovely! Definitely need a bloggers trip to Yosemite I agree xx

  3. New York is possibly my favourite city in the world! I lived in Sydney for a few months and it is awesome (but not NYC ;). I'd love to visit Yosemite National Park and anywhere in Ireland!

    Tara x

    1. I am super jealous! I really do hope I get to visit all these places one day! xx

  4. Great picks, I've never been to cornwall either despite living in the UK! Sydney is right on the top of my list too
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