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Smokey Grows Up | “Time spent with a cat is never wasted.”

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Back in October last year I made this post in which I introduced you to my new kitten, Smokey. He is the cutest little kitten and I constantly take photos of him, and although it's not a beauty post, who doesn't love photos of a cute animal?! (Okay, maybe everyone doesn't but I do!).

Smokey (and his sister on the left)

He used to chase the cursor on the computer screen!

Possibly one of my favourite photos of Smokey, ever. 

I can't believe how tiny he is in all these photos, compared to now.

He's so big now, he's literally just a ball of fluff and he's so cute! 

Also good luck to everyone getting their A-level results today, I'm getting mine and I am incredibly nervous!

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