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I'm going to university! | New chapter of my life

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 So yesterday I got my A-level results and I found out I got the grades I needed to get into my first choice university! I am so happy, yet also nervous. It'll be a new chapter of my life and I am so excited to be able to go, live away from my parents and have some independence (I'll obviously miss them a lot though!), starting somewhere where I won't know anyone and to be away from home. It'll be a new experience but I am looking forward to it! If anyone else got A-level results yesterday, I hope you got the results you wanted!

Little Life Update

The other week I got my third lobe piercing done (the earring with the pink gem) and I now have an even number of piercings again as the thought of an odd number of piercings makes me uncomfortable.

I've also spent my whole afternoon having a Harry Potter marathon.

Throwing out revision was also refreshing, although it's almost sad to chuck away work that I spent so many hours on!

Finally a late night hot chocolate!

I hope you're all well!

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