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My Essentials When Beauty Blogging

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I do find blogging enjoyable otherwise I wouldn't keep writing up blog posts, but there are a few things that make writing up blog posts a little easier for me.

I'm not a tea person, I can't stand it even though yes, I am British. I can't be ready for my day without coffee, so whilst I'm blogging it just keeps me going and a hot drink is always nice. (Having it in a cute mug also helps haha!)

Basket of products
When I'm writing up a review or just chatting about products it makes it easier for me if the products are easily accessible. I also use this basket for my everyday make up, so it makes sense to write up a blog post about a product I've been using and loving recently.

Blog Planner
First off, I did not create this blog planner. I found it on this lovely blog, Confessionsofahomeschooler. I was searching google for a blog planner and then found that there was a free printable one here - I use the 2013 Colourful Blog Planner which you can view and print off here.
Having a blog planner has made my life so much easier. It means I don't have to try and plan posts in my head, it just means I can write my ideas and notes down and also put them onto the monthly calendar.

All of these make my blogging experience more relaxed and organised for me.

What are your essentials for when you blog? 

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