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The Body Shop Shower Gel - Wild Cherry

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I'll start off by saying, I've been meaning to do this post for some time now but I never got round to it, and now the 'Wild Cherry' scent is unavailable so I apologise. However, I then thought I'd do a post about the Strawberry scent shower gel but that appears to have gone missing! Although, I know that the things I'm going to say about this shower gel are also true for the Strawberry Shower Gel I have. 

I absolutely love this shower gel, it smells amazing and the smell lingers as well which I love. It lathers up nicely, and leaves me skin feeling soft. It's £4 for 250ml and I do think it's worth it so I'll definitely be trying other scents. There's also a smaller 60ml size which would be perfect for travelling for £2 or even just to try out! 
The next two I'm interested in trying are Mango and Coconut which look like they'd be lovely!

Have you tried any shower gels from The Body Shop?

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