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Sparkly Nails ft. Elf Nail Polish in Mint Cream and Nails Inc Fitzroy Sqaure

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Since the weather still isn't brilliant in the UK, I thought I'd make my nails look pretty and sparkly to make up for the awful weather!

First of all I applied my ELF nail polish in 'Mint Cream'. It's only £2.50 and such a gorgeous colour! I applied two coats of this, and let it dry.

Then once 'Mint Cream' had dried I applied two coats of this gorgeous polish, Nails Inc 3D Glitter Polish in 'Fitzroy Square' which I love. I completely forgot I even had this in my collection and I was so excited to use it! It's a bit more expensive than the ELF nail polish as it is £11, but it's so pretty that it's worth it!

 Finally I applied a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat (which is a bit of a mouthful!) because I absolutely hate waiting around for my nails to dry. Once I've applied this they're dry to the touch in about 30 seconds. This is £5.99 but for me, it's worth it entirely.

This is how they look when they're finished! I am so in love with the colour and how sparkly and pretty they are!

Do you enjoy wearing sparkly nail varnish?

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