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I don't usually go into Lush when I go shopping because I know I'll spend all my money in there (which is both good and bad!) however, I ordered a few things online on Monday. I was told they'd arrive by next Monday so I was so happy when they arrived today so only took two days which is amazing (considering Monday was a bank holiday). I apologise in advance that this is a picture heavy post!

It was packaged with the polystyrene peanuts which was obviously to prevent any damage whilst in transit.

First off I bought the Karma Bubble Bar purely because it looks so pretty! I've never actually tried a bubble bar either and this was £3.15.

Sticking to Bubble Bars I bought the Mumkin Bubble Bar because it was too cute to not buy! It just looks adorable and was only  £2.75 which is a bargain.

The last Bubble Bar I bought was the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar for £2.50. Once again, I just thought this looked cute and wanted to try it!

The next item I purchased was the Twilight Bath Bomb which is £3.20 and when I got this out of the packet I was honestly shocked at how big it is! I wanted to try this because I'd seen quite a few reviews and pictures of how pretty it looks in the bath, and we all love buying pretty things don't we?!

This is the second to last item I purchased and it's the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb. I bought this because it was Easter Monday when I made my order and so of course I had to buy something to do with Easter! This cute bath bomb was only £2.95. 

Finally I purchased the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb which I was probably most excited about. It not only looks adorable, but from looking at photos it makes the bath look beautiful too. However, it arrived damaged (photo above) and I'm not sure if I'm meant to contact Lush and tell them or just use it? If anyone knows what I should do, I'd appreciate some help here please!

~~Update~~ I emailed Lush last night explaining what had happened and attached the photo above, and they replied very quickly and they're going to send me a new Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb to replace the broken one. I'm very impressed with their good customer service!

Overall I am extremely pleased with my purchases and my order (minus the one broken product). The delivery was fast, especially considering I ordered on a bank holiday. I'd definitely order online from Lush again!

What's your favourite Lush product?

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  1. Awww how adorable does the Mumkin Bubble Bar look?! That's great that LUSH sent you another Dragon's Egg!