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A Much Needed Weekend At Home

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I absolutely love uni don't get me wrong, but there's nothing better than a weekend at home. Last weekend I went home and it was so lovely and refreshing. If you're no longer living at home you'll realise how much home comforts mean to you when you can't have them.

1. Seeing family and friends
Seeing family and friends is a main one but it's the best part in my opinion. I don't go home regularly so seeing family and friends is even more special.

2. Pets
I love my cat and it's been so nice to see him again, even if he's not bothered about me being home.

3. Home cooked meals
Okay, I'm just going to admit it - I can barely cook. My meals at uni rotate between pasta, pizza, spaghetti hoops and toast. This just makes me appreciate my Dads cooking even more and the best bit is I don't have to even think about dinner as I know it'll be done for me!

4. A warm house
Being a student means I try and save as much money as possible and at uni this means we don't turn the heating on and I doubt we will, unless it snows. Walking into a warm house at home is the best feeling as heating is now considered a luxury for me!

5. My own bed
Nothing will ever beat my own bed, it's one of my favourite places. My bed at home is so much more comfy than my bed at uni, probably because it's only been me that's slept in it rather than however many students have slept in my uni one before me, not a nice thought.

What are your favourite things about home?

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