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Plans For June

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I know this is cliche but I honestly can't believe it's June already, it honestly feels like a few weeks ago that it was Christmas Eve. Anyway, June is already here and it's a really busy month for me and here's what I'm up to...

I'm home home for a few weeks | Anyone who's moved out of their parents house/the house they grew up in will know what I mean by home home and how it's different to home. Anyway, I'm spending a couple of weeks at home home (aka my parents house) and I'm so looking forward to my Dad's cooked dinners and seeing my family and cats of course.

Final uni results | Next weekend I'll find out my final grade that I'll graduate uni with and that thought is terrifying.

Graduation Ball | A few weeks ago I finished uni forever, and so I'm no longer going to be a student. Our uni is holding a graduation ball (for the first time ever) and I'm really looking forward to going. It also happens to be on the same night as my best friends 21st birthday so it's perfect timing for everyone. I'm really excited to go back, but it'll be the last time I'll be sleeping in my uni house.

Holiday with my parents | I'm going away with my parents for a few days, yes I'm 21 and still going away with my parents haha! But I'm really excited to spend some time with them as I feel like I've barely seen them this past year with uni being so busy and stressful. 

Being a wedding guest | I'm attending a wedding in June and I'm really looking forward to it. Although, I don't have a dress or shoes or anything haha! Time to get searching for something to wear. 

What are your plans for June?

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