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My Revision Tips | What Works For Me

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I've been revising for exams for the past 4 or more years so I feel I have finally mastered what works for me and what doesn't, so I thought I'd share my tips with you.

1. use colour
I personally find looking at an a4 page of black text very boring and it doesn't motivate me to revise at all, so I use a lot of colour in my notes to keep myself a little more engaged in what I'm reading and writing about. Whether you use highlighters, felt tip pens or pencils I find colour really helps.

2. have healthy snacks and water 
Whilst revising you're very likely to want to reach for unhealthy foods and eat due to boredom (I won't pretend I don't do this sometimes). However, if you have healthy snacks nearby this will be better brain food and it's obviously better for your body too.

3. take regular breaks
There is no point trying to do 4 hours of revision with no breaks, you'll become very distracted and you won't take anything in. I usually have a 10 minute break every 40 minutes, now I know to some people this is viewed as having a lot of breaks but personally I have an awful attention span and whether my dyslexia plays a roll in this or not I do not know. Either way take breaks regularly!

4. make a revision timetable
I haven't always found these useful in the past but since being at uni I have found writing down all my deadlines and exams is vital. I created myself two timetables on Word and although they're not technically revision timetables I have all my deadlines on there so I know what timescale I'm working towards.

5. work in a quiet area
If this is possible, I'd recommend working away from a laptop/phone/computer/tablet because these will cause distractions. I prefer working in my brothers old room as it's quiet and away from everyone so there are fewer distractions.

Do you have any revision tips you wish to share?

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