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The Autumn Tag

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Today I'm doing the Autumn Tag which was created by Georgina from Makeup-Pixi3 and as she tags everyone who has a blog I thought I'd do it since I love Autumn.

For Autumn, what is your...

1. Favourite thing about it? 
I love the change of season, although I love summer I feel far more comfortable wearing a big cosy jumper and fluffy socks rather than shorts and a strappy top. I also love the new menu that Costa brings out and I'm currently looking forward to trying the Toffee Nut Caffè Caramella which is on their Autumn menu. 

2. Favourite drink? 
Either a cappuccino or a salted caramel latte. 

3. Favourite scent/candle? 
I just love vanilla and cinnamon scents. I do need to invest in some new candles though as I've run out of any vanilla scented ones.

4. Best lipstick? 
My favourite last Autumn was Strawberry Daiquiri by Bare Minerals but sadly I've lost it so I've been loving my Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple and my Natural Collection Lipstick in Raspberry. 

5. Go to moisturiser? 
My go to moisturiser will be my Boots Vitamin E Moisturiser as it really does moisturise my skin well and it isn't too thick that it takes forever to sink in, plus it's a bargain at under £3 as well.

6. Go to colours for the eyes? 
I don't really go out of the box so to say with my eyeshadows as I tend to stay with neutrals however this year I'm determined to start using more berry-pinky toned eyeshadows such as the ones in my Sleek Storm Palette. 

7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? 
At the moment I'm loving songs by Bastille and Daughter. 

8. Favourite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)? 
My favourite outfit would have to be skinny jeans, a simple t-shirt, leather jacket, a thin scarf and some boots. Comfy and cosy but also looks nice and wearable for most situations. 

9. Autumn treat? (i.e. a new scarf or bag you have your eye on) 
I've been eyeing up a Sleek Lipstick in the shade Vamp and MAC's eyeshadow in Cranberry. 

10. Favourite place to be? 
Either having a quiet drink down the pub with my friends (whilst freezing!) or in bed with a cup of coffee, wearing my pyjama bottoms and some fluffy socks whilst watching Harry Potter!

I'm just going to tag everyone who wants to do this tag and if you do link it below and I'd love to read it!

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  1. That mug is fantastic, I need to add it to my birthday wish list next month!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. That Costa drink sounds amazing. I can't wait until all the coffee shops start unveiling their Autumn/Winter drinks.