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No7 Colour Calming Primer - Green | Review

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I don't think I've ever mentioned this product before, probably because I wasn't a fan of it before recently. The No7 Colour Calming Primer in green. When I first used this, I really didn't like it and so moved back onto my Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer because I knew it worked for me, but when I was looking through my make up the other day I noticed it and decided it was time to try it again.

 First of all, the packaging is nothing special but it's practical and although mine is a little grubby (oops, sorry!) it does the job and also as it's a tube, once you've almost finished it just cut it in half and you'll get more product from the tube!

As you can see it does come out quite highly pigmented which is obviously what the name suggests, so it's not a primer that you can wear alone. You do need to make sure you blend it in really well otherwise you could be walking around with green patches on your face, and no one wants that! The consistency is pretty good, it's not too thick that it doesn't sink in, but it's also not watery either.

In my opinion, it really does reduce the red complexion in my skin and gives me a smooth base to apply my foundation and concealer onto. The primer also dries really quite quickly, so I'd suggest applying the primer to sections of your face and working it in that way, rather than applying it all over your whole face at once.

Overall, I find this primer does reduce redness and does provide a good base for the rest of my make up. Although it doesn't give my make up the best staying power, it does what it claims too. The No7 Colour Calming Primer retails at £10.50 which I'd say is a mid-range price for a drugstore primer, but you can also use your No7 voucher which will give you a couple of pounds off when you buy it!

You can also buy a No7 Colour Correcting Primer in Lavender which is for sallow complexions!

Have you tried a colour calming primer before?

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  1. I used to have the No7 Matte primer and was perfect for an oily T-zone, may have to go back to Boots to purchase!
    I have just started a blog...


    1. I've not tried the No7 matte primer, I'll have a look next time I need a primer! I'll go and check out your blog now lovely xx

  2. I have used this before and wasn't that impressed! I find if you use a decent toner before your primer this will calm any redness then I use my Clarins Beauty Balm which i have recently reviewed on my blog - you should have a look!


    1. I used to be the same but now I really like it! I'll go and have a read now :) xx

  3. Such a great review thank you xxxxx


  4. Great review and Nice blog :)

    I'm following you :)


  5. beautiful
    visit my blog ?
    kiss <3