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MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

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A while ago MUA (Make Up Academy) had the Heaven and Earth palette on sale for only £3 (the usual price is only £4 but saving money in any way is still useful as I'm a student!) and so I bought it. Ever since I've had it, I've loved using it. It's so easy to blend the colours and wear them everyday to school or work.

As you can see, they are all shimmery eyeshadows, however they're not so over the top that it looks it looks strange to wear in the day time. The shadows are highly pigmented and there are obviously lighter and darker shades so this caters to everyone.

This is the top row of swatches, without using a primer. As I mentioned previously, they are highly pigmented which you can see clearly. I use the colour on the far left as a highlight for the inner-corner of my eye.

This is the second row of swatches and as you can see they are a lot darker, but still so well pigmented.

Overall, I adore this palette and I would definitely re-purchase it. I originally bought it because everyone was saying it was a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette which is £36, so for £3 I thought it was a lot cheaper to try it out. However now MUA have released a Undressed Palette which really is a dupe for the Naked palette.


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  1. I have this too, it's my most used eyeshadow. Love it!