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Sleek Storm Palette

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First of all i need to say this is my absolute favourite palette that i own! I purchased it on summer whilst on holiday by the coast as I'd seen so many youtubers and bloggers mention it. I can see why everyone loves it! It was such a good price too.

So this is what the actual palette looks like (sorry about it being over exposed and really white)
Ignore how mine is covered in make up! But it has lovely packaging, thats simple but chic.

So here are the shades...

As you can clearly see I've hit pan on the neutral shade, which I have been using every day all over my eye lid just to even out the colouring and make my eyes look brighter

There are a mix of matte shades and some shimmery shades. I use the black over my pencil eyeliner to make it stay longer and the matte brown next to it to fill in my eyebrows with as my E.LF. eyebrow kit has almost run out :(

As you can see the colours are so pigmented, and this was without a primer underneath them as well.

Overall I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone since it has wearable everyday colours but can also be used to create a night time look. I love that there is a variety of both matte and shimmery shades and especially that there's a matte black eyeshadow which I put over the top of my eyeliner to make it stay longer.

You can purchase it from Superdrug and it's only £6.49 so it's a bargain for the 12 shades!


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  1. Great post:). I picked up this palette and I love all the colours in it, they're so complementary and wearable! X

  2. That pallet looks so nice! you could create a lot of looks with this X

  3. This pallet looks amazing.
    I really want to try the sleek pallets now!