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Max Factor - Cloudy Blue Nail Polish

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I'd never tried Max Factor nail polishes, until my friend got me some for my birthday. I am absolutely in love with this one which is Cloudy Blue. It's one of the mini polishes, but I'll definitely re-purchase it. It's available in Boots for £3.99. 

It's easy to apply (even though I'm rubbish at painting my nails) and it dries fairly quickly too which is a bonus since I hate waiting around for my nails to dry. If you apply two coats and a top coat, it lasts for about a week (well it did on me anyway, I know nail polish lasts differently on everyone).

Has anyone else tried Max Factor nail polishes?

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  1. love the colour of this!cant beat a nice dark polish for winter nails :) x

  2. Lovely colour! I've never tried any Max Factor nail polishes, but I'd like to :).
    ablogbyabbie.blogspot.co.uk X

    1. I'd recommend trying one, they have an amazing variety of shades and they're not too badly priced! xx

  3. love the color, it is so esciting to see a black similar metalic polish, that is not black.
    so elegant!

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  4. I love how deep the colour is!
    http://niisaaxd-straightastyle.blogspot.co.uk/ x