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Garnier BB Cream

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For ages now I've been contemplating over buying the Garnier BB Cream. I'd never tried a BB Cream before, mainly because I'm really self conscious about my skin. I'm a teenager, I don't have perfect skin and I also have freckles which I hate. However, my skin has improved slightly recently so I thought I'd try a BB Cream.

The main reason I picked the Garnier BB Cream is because I'd read so many good reviews on it, and I could get my hands on it easily. It's £9.99 from boots, which isn't cheap if I hated this product, but luckily I quite like it.

(Ignore the other pink swatch from a lipstain on my hand, I didn't have time to take photos on a different day)

The only thing I dislike about this, is how it can look orange if I don't blend it completely, which sounds silly considering you're meant to blend properly anyway but if I'm in a rush on the way to school I want something I can apply effortlessly. It doesn't cover all my freckles and blemishes obviously since it's not meant to, but it just makes me look a bit more alive in the mornings. I usually apply a primer first, and then apply this over the top using my ELF Stippling Brush.

If I'm going out and want more of a full coverage, I'll sometimes apply this as a base and then apply foundation over the top and it's so light that it doesn't make my make up look cakey and thick. 

Are there any BB Creams you'd recommend?

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  1. I have this but I really only like this as base for my foundation since the coverage is so poor, it doesn't cover my scars.

  2. I use this too, but I wear it under my foundation. I could never wear it on its own, because it barely covers my spots.
    ablogbyabbie.blogspot.co.uk X

  3. I have this - Thank goodness ive found someone else who likes it! So far i only seem to see bad reviews! But i love it! I think it just must be our skin types :) I usually wear it on its own but apply foundation over the bits where i need more coverage :) xx