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No7 Nail Varnish - Milan 110

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Boots often do the £5 off no7 vouchers and I realized I had one more day before mine ran out, so on my lunch break on Saturday I went into Boots to see what I could buy. As my Boots is quite small there's not a large selection of make up so I usually end up going for the nail varnishes, although if I had planned ahead I would of loved to buy the no7 highlighter. Anyway this is the nail varnish I purchased in the end.

I know you can't read the writing properly, but it's the best photo I could get!

So as you can see it's such a beautiful colour! And the name is 'Milan 110' as you can see. I applied 2 coats and a top coat and this is the result!

(p.s sorry about the pink hair dye on my hand, I've just dip dyed a strip of my hair pink and it won't come off my hand!)

Overall, I think this is my favourite no7 nail varnish because it hasn't chipped and it dries pretty quickly which I love because I'm impatient!

Hope you're all doing well xx

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  1. This shade is gorgeous!! :)


  2. I love this colour and I think that all the Number 7 nail polishes are great quality! I did a post about my favourite nail polishes for the winter and this came top of my list! Thanks for the recommendation :D