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Angelica Nail Polishes (Primark)

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 I went into Primark the other day and ended up buying a few pieces of clothing and a few other bits (which I should be doing a haul post on) and one thing I made sure I picked up were some of the nail varnishes. I reviewed one of the 'Angelica' nail varnishes back in October and I love it so for only £2.50 I had to pick up more.

These are the two colours I decided to pick up. There was a fair sized stand with so many different colours which I was really impressed with. The packaging is quite simple, but I don't look it looks cheap. 

The first nail polish that caught me eye was the one called 'Tantrum'. I think this looks beautiful on the nails and when the light catches your nails you can see the mix of purple, pink, orange and gold tones which is gorgeous.

I picked up this nail polish in the colour 'Angel' because it reminded me of the Models Own Nail Polish in 'Indian Ocean'. Unfortunately I do not have the Models Own nail polish otherwise I would compare them, but from looking at photos it looks quite similar! This is quite sheer if you only apply one coat, but after two coats it's absolutely gorgeous. 

This is what the nail polishes look like after 2 coats and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat over the top. Both of these Primark nail polishes dry quite quickly which I find really important for me when I'm buying nail polishes since I always manage to smudge them whilst they're drying, but I didn't have a problem with these (even before applying the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat. Without the top coat I have found they do chip (at least on my nails) within about 3 days but then again my nails aren't in the best condition which doesn't help.

If you're near a Primark I would definitely recommend you pick one or two up and there is a good choice of colours to pick from.

What's your favourite nail polish at the moment?

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  1. As soon as I saw Angel I immediately thought of indean ocean!! It's a polish that I've been wanting to try out for a really long time now, but well, if I can get a dupe for £2.50... haha!


    1. It is gorgeous! I think it's too sheer with just one coat, but after two coats its so pretty! xx