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Elf haul (June 2012)

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Over the Jubilee Weekend Elf had a few offers on, and I chose the 30% off option. So these are the things I bought!

As you can see I got a fair amount! I'm featuring the majority of things in this haul, I've only missed out the fan brush and the eyelid primer.

 Nail polish in Passion Pink. Not the best lighting, but I will be doing swatches when I wear it!

Nail Polish in Mod Mauve. Once again I apologize for the lighting. 

Nail Polish in Twinkle. Again, apologies for not having amazing lighting. But I thought this looked gorgeous, and as my current nail polish with glitter in is running out, I thought it was time to re-purchase as I love putting it on over other nail polishes.

 Blush in Tickled Pink. I love their other studio blushes and this colour looked gorgeous!

Blush in Candid Coral. Another beautiful colour, I've actually worn this today and yesterday and I love it!

Final blush I bought from ELF. Although most people (including me) use it as a highlighter. It's in Gotta Glow. I love buying new highlighters, and so far I've been loving this. I just applied it using a fan brush and it's not too shimmery.

Swatches, from top to bottom:

  • Tickled Pink
  • Candid Coral
  • Gotta Glow
As you can see Tickled Pink and Candid Coral  look sort of similar in the swatches.

False lashes - Natural Lash Kit. I've not got too much to say as I've not used these yet. However once I've used them I'll make a post about it! 

Mascara Primer. I did try and get a good photo of the brush but since it's white and the background is white, it was extremely over exposed. Anyway, you just apply this before normal mascara and it's worked amazingly so far! 

I 'made' an elements palette, even though it's not full yet. 

Top left (eye shadow) - Pink Ice
Bottom left (blush) - Flush
Bottom right (blush) - Glow

All were £1.50 each, and the palette is also £1.50

I bought two cream eyeshadows

The first shade is Candlelight.

The second shade I got is Dawn. 
These are meant to be similar to the Mac Paintpots, but a lot cheaper! I haven't got the paintpots so I can't really compare, but so far they seem to apply smoothly and stay on for a good few hours!

Sorry this has been so picture heavy! Also I put the prices as they currently are, not what I got with 30% off as that offer is no longer available. Although ELF do regularly have offers on, so watch out for those.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


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