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Life Lately #5

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Prosecco Evening // Sunset over London // London Marathon // Beach mornings 

I feel like I've been constantly on the go recently, after this post talking about my dissertation stress, it's finally over!!! I've handed it in (last week to be exact) and I've not stopped since. I was in London last weekend to celebrate a few things, and as well as that my brother ran the London Marathon! I'm so incredibly proud of him, and he ran it in 3hours 56 minutes which I think is so impressive, as I don't even think I could walk the 26 miles he ran! In my opinion, anyone who runs the marathon is incredible, and I wish I could do it myself. In addition to my brother completing the marathon he raised over £50, 000 for Brain Tumour Research which is extraordinary!

I'm finally going to be back in the swing of beauty posts as I've been planning lots of posts whilst I've been away. I've also been doing a bit of makeup shopping so I'll be sharing those with you all soon too!

What have you been up to lately?

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