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Quitting Smoking Update | Patches

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As I mentioned in this post, I didn't get on with the Niquitin Mini Lozengers so I went back to see the stop smoking nurse and she gave me some Nicorette Invisi (Step 2) 16 Hour Patches and I've been trying these. They're the 15mg patches, and so they're step 2, e.g. the middle step.

I apologize for the last photo not being the best, but it's surprisingly difficult to photograph my left arm whilst holding my camera in my right, without using a mirror!

Anyway, I first applied one of these on Monday (8th October) and at first, I hated them. I had my morning shower, got dressed, did my make up and went to apply one. Before I had even put it on my arm, I hated the smell, but this does go once you put it on your skin. They made my arm itch like mad, and I wanted to take it off. After half an hour or so, the itching went and I stopped noticing I was wearing it. It's not completely invisible, obviously, as then it'd be impossible to take it off again at the end of the day. I think these have genuinely helped me with quitting, I still had cravings, but they were fewer and far between than normal.

I got these free from the pharmacy since I'm under 18 and in full time education, otherwise they can end up quit expensive (£15.58 RRP). I would still recommend these if you are trying to quit smoking, however you cannot smoke whilst the patch is on, nor can you take the patch off and smoke and then put it back on. This is both good and bad, it stops you smoking, but it can be irritating when you do want to smoke.

Sorry for all of the smoking related posts rather than my blog being completely beauty posts.

I hope you're all well.

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