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Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash and Deep Cleansing Lotion

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I am probably one of the worst people for having a good skincare routine. Before I go to bed I'm always too tired to cleanse, tone and moisturize and in the mornings I'm in too much of a rush to use face washes etc. However, I'll always get annoyed when I have bad skin (which is stupid since I don't help prevent it, I know!). I am going to try and get better at having a skincare routine though. So anyway I bought two new products to try on Saturday.

I should probably also say my skin type, I'd say it's combination although recently it's been 'normal' with no oily patches or dry patches, I guess it's just changing throughout the year. I do also sometimes have sensitive skin as I used to get eczema when I was little I prefer to be careful with products I'm using.

The first is this skincare product I bought and I'm not sure if you can see the same product in the background of the same photo. It may seem pointless buying the same product twice, but the one in the background belongs to my brother and he's going back to uni soon so I needed my own. I already know this product works for keeping my skin clear (apart from the occasional hormonal breakout). It's not too harsh on the skin but it does remove all dirt at the same time. It's available in Superdrug stores and online here for £2.85.

I had never actually seen this product before, but I thought I'd give it a go as I'll try most things to give me clear skin. I'm not sure if this product is being discontinued because I cannot seem to find it anywhere else online, I can only find the Clean and Clear Sensitive Cleansing Lotion which I guess will be pretty similar, but it's for sensitive skin, which is £2.89 from Superdrug.

After using this my skin felt a lot softer and it's quick which is a bonus for me. Although, one of the main downsides is that it has a very strong smell, so if you don't like strong smells this may put you off.


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  1. I've not tried much of the Clean & Clear range before apart from a blackhead-clearing cleansing lotion I had when I was like 11. It was really good and I've been repurchasing it up until about a year ago - I don't really know why I'm not any more to be honest! At the moment I'm using some stuff from Neutrogena and I really like it so far.


    1. I used to have the blackhead clearing lotion too, but for some reason I haven't re-purchased it, even though it works really well! xx

  2. I use the scrub, I love it! I really do think it works wonders for me :)

    1. I do love the scrub, it definitely appears to be the only skin product working for me at the moment xxx