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ELF Translucent Matte Powder

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A while ago I purchase the ELF Translucent Matte Powder for £3.75 and I've only just got round to trying it. I regret not using it sooner, since I can see this becoming a favourite. It does exactly what it says in the title , however the only 'negative' comment about this is that it isn't actually translucent. It's a tiny bit orange, but it is probably fine for other people, I am just ridiculously pale.

I really like the packaging as usual and I like that it has a mirror too, it's always useful. Like I said before it definitely does make the skin more matte (if that's the right way to word it?!). I'll be using this a lot more and I'm glad I have this in my collection. For the price I'd say it's a must have in my collection and I'll definitely re-purchase this.

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  1. Replies
    1. I'd recommend it, especially for the price xx

  2. I love this stuff! I use it all time time to set my makeup, but I guess since I might not be as pale as you I don't see it leave a cast on me.

  3. I love this powder! It's so cheap but doesnt break me out!