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How I | Clean My Make Up Brushes

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I will admit, I'm not the best at cleaning my brushes which I know isn't brilliant, but I do clean them at least once a week just to prevent putting bacteria on my face and causing bad skin. So I'm just doing a quick post on how I clean my brushes.

First of all you'll need any exfoliator, I just use this one because it's what I have at the moment (and it smells amazing). It was only £1 from a local pharmacy.

The other product you'll need is a baby shampoo, these work best because they're not too harsh on the bristles. You can buy this from Boots for £2.35 for 300ml.

This brush isn't too dirty as I don't regularly use foundation brushes like this, but it needed to be cleaned anyway. I bought this brush in a set a few years ago in Boots however I don't think it's available anymore.

First of all I put some exfoliator on my hand and work it into the brush on my hand and it helps get out most of the product. After that I rinse it off and then repeat but with baby shampoo to make the bristles softer.

Finally it looks perfectly clean again, and I just leave it to dry overnight so I can use whatever brushes I need in the morning.

I also cleaned my Elf stippling brush which I sometimes use to apply powder.

Hope this was helpful.


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