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Sleek Contour Kit

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A while ago i bought the Sleek Contour Kit in 'light'. i had high hopes for this product as loads of people raved about it on youtube.

As you can see, it has such nice packaging as always with Sleek, a huge mirror and the contour and highlighter are both really pigmented! It's definitely worth the £6.50 and I will be re-purchasing it once I've finished this one.

The highlighter - Previously I had only used 'High Beam' by Benefit and I didn't think I'd ever like a different highlighter, but this leaves a subtle but pretty glow on the skin and looks so pretty, especially as the weather's improving!

The contour powder - I haven't had much luck with contouring before because I'm so pale they usually look orangey and horrible on me, but this is just right! It defines my cheek bones really well but still looks natural at the same time. I'm really impressed with this product.

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  1. aw thankyou for doing this post hun, i really want to get it now hehe! xo


  2. I really want to try this product after seeing so many reviews/blogs about it. I've always been a bit put off as I feel I'm gonna end up with brown/orange smears across my face but I think I'll try it after reading your review :) x

  3. Great review, like you I'm pale and always end up looking Orange or muddy.. may have to check this out

    I'm having a Blogsale over at
    If you fancy taking a peak ! xx

  4. oooooh, i really want to try this out now. I know what you mean about being scared of contour shades to look all orangey and gross as I am also really pale. Haha, love your blog!! Please stop by mine if you have the time, i started last week! xo Genevieve